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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just another day of reckless driver's in Los Angeles

Last night I was out driving and stopped at a stoplight.  I was in the far right lane.  A reckless driver also at the stoplight on the left most lane decided he wanted to turn right instead of left.  Unbelievable, he proceeded to cut in front of the cross travelling traffic, put his car perpendicular to all of ours who were waiting at the stop-light, and almost cause about five accidents.  Even though I was just about to start easing forward, I was able to stop in time.  

I want everyone to understand that it is not only important to pay attention to the road and to avoid texting and driving because we may cause an accident, but it is equally important to pay attention to the road to avoid psychopathic and reckless drivers who may put you in harms way.  Drive safe out there.  This is a big city and remember that every time you climb into your car your are the last priority for most of the other drivers.  

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