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Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 & 13

Bankruptcy If you are overwhelmed with debt, Federal law provides you with a legal remedy to eliminate most, if not all of your unsecured debt and give you a fresh start to rebuilding your credit and finances. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be a good option for you if you can no longer afford to pay your credit card bills or other unsecured debt, and your income is no longer enough to support your living expenses (assuming they are reasonably living expenses you’re incurring!).

Chapter 13 on the other hand, is a viable alternative if you are behind on your mortgage payments, wish to keep your home or other property which may be non-exempt, and you actually have disposable income after taking into account your living expenses. Additionally, Chapter 13 can be a valuable way to eliminate a second or third mortgage on your primary residence. You may also be a candidate for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you simply make sufficiently more money than you spend on reasonable and necessary living expenses, can’t keep up with your creditors bills and need to be set up on a reasonable repayment plan to those creditors.

Bankruptcy is an effective way to eliminate debt, reduce your financial burden and in most cases, significantly improve your FICO score. Yes, this may sound very counter-intuitive but it is true for the vast majority of our clients. While this should be considered a last resort, the current economic climate is not allowing for many people to become current on their debt payments and families are suffering as a result. Fortunately, bankruptcy does not carry with it the societal taboo that it once did, and every day we see individuals and families positively affected by being able to relieve major debt from their lives and carry on with a fresh start.

All Inclusive Flat Fees Mean No Surprises or “Nickle and Diming” 

While other firms may charge you for photocopies, phone calls, and even changes to your bankruptcy petition, our low, flat-fee includes the following:

1) Consultation
2) Pre-qualification
3) Getting creditors to stop calling you
4) Preparation and filing of your bankruptcy
5) Attending your mandatory hearing
6) Any follow-up work required

Our  Chapter 7 and 13 attorney fees vary depending on complexity and we are happy to give you an estimate over the phone.  Please feel free to call us for your free consultation at 818-293-LAW1 (5291)