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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Traffic Signal Lesson: Red Light Means STOP or DIE

In just being outside for an hour today, I witnessed cars go through intersection, WELL after the light had turned red.  Not surprisingly, one of the cars was a big SUV.  I wonder if the driver cares less since at least if they hit someone, they'd most likely survive.  As I witnessed these thoughtless, reckless, murderous fools coast through these intersections and risk everyone's lives, (least importantly, their own), I realized that quite a few of our accident cases recently involve the same scenario of our clients getting hit by drivers who go through red lights.  Not surprisingly, SUVs were the culprit in quite a few of those cases as well.

Also not surprisingly, we have seen driver's who at the crash site first admit liability for running a light, suddenly change their story and try to blame the person they hit.  Sadly, this is a very common Los Angeles trend where bad drivers try to blame their victims for their stupidity and incompetence.  Take for example the many times I've been driving the correct direction on a one way street, encounter a driver driving the WRONG WAY towards me on that street, only to flip ME off as though I'm in error.   As they say here in Los Angeles "it is what it is". 

As I say here in Los Angeles to driers like that:  SHOW ME THE MONEY.  I hope you have good insurance coverage.

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