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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Man Sues McDonalds for $1.5 Million - They Only Gave Him One Napkin

True story.  Can't make this one up.  Some guy is suing McDonalds for $1.5 Million because they wouldn't give him another napkin for his Quarter Pounder.  God Bless America - that is all I can say.  Perhaps if you can't win the lottery, or figure out a hard working way to earn a lot of money, it's easier to go after someone else's.  I hope McDonalds aggressively pursues attorney fees against this guy for wasting the court's time.

In unrelated news, my friends and I were just discussing the other day how in Los Angeles many people sue others for their own stupidity.  There seems to be a lack of personal responsibility for one's actions.  Here at Syndicate Legal, if someone makes a mistake that costs you, we will go after them aggressively to make sure they pay you for their mistakes.

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