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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Greatest Hits - Part #1

I hate to get negative so i'll keep the negativity short.   I will begin a series in which I post some of the photos of accidents in which my clients were involved. 

In today's episode, my clients were peacefully driving home after a hard day at work when a fucking idiot,I mean, a negligent or reckless driver, decided she would not pay attention to the road, and drive straight through the intersection at full speed.  Here is the result:

All airbags deployed and as you can imagine, air bag deployments can injure occupants as well so this was an extremely traumatic event as you can imagine.  My clients were all injured but we hope they make a full recovery although only time will tell.  What I can tell you is that as a result of another person's carelessness, lives have been changed.  Now we will make that other driver pay for her mistake although no amount of money will take away the pain her stupidity caused.  

Pay attention on the road, not just for other drivers, but for yourself because here in Los Angeles, every day, hundreds of thousands of people think that you can drive while juggling a cup of coffee, putting on mascara, and texting on your cell phone,m all at once. I'm not even sure how you even do that with two hands, but i'm not quite sure how you can be so stupid so as to text an drive either.

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